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Very Old People Who Recovered From Coronavirus Disease Around The World

It's reported that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is more deadly to older people and people with pre-existing health conditions.

Here are stories of some very old people that recovered from coronavirus around the world.

103-year-old Chinese woman becomes oldest person to survive coronavirus

Zhang Guangfen was admitted to hospital in Wuhan on 1 March and just six days later was released and sent home.

Her incredible recovery has been credited to the fact she had no underlying health conditions, aside from mild chronic bronchitis, her doctor Zeng Yulan is quoted as saying in Chutian Metropolis Daily.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is more deadly to older people and people with pre-existing health conditions.
Source: https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/world/2020/03/103-year-old-chinese-woman-becomes-oldest-person-to-survive-coronavirus.amp.html

Italian 101-year-old leaves hospital after recovering from coronavirus

A 101-year-old man in Rimini is back at home with his family on Friday after beating the infection, in the latest report of an elderly patient surviving the coronavirus outbreak in Italy.

The man, identified only as “Mr. P” by authorities, was born during the Spanish flu epidemic in 1919.

Rimini's vice mayor Gloria Lisi told local media on Thursday that the 101-year-old was discharged from hospital in Rimini's and returned home after fighting off the infection in hospital.

“One detail that makes the life of this person truly extraordinary,” she added, “is that Mr. P. was born in 1919, in the midst of another tragic world pandemic ".“


100-year-old Chinese man ‘oldest person to recover from coronavirus’

A 100-year old man from China has been discharged from hospital after recovering from coronavirus, Chinese state-run media has reported.

The man was admitted to a hospital in Wuhan, the Chinese city where the outbreak began, on February 24, according to Xinhua news agency.
He was discharged from Hubei Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital on Saturday, March 7, making him the oldest known patient to successfully recover from Covid-19, Xinhua reported.

The man, who has not been named, is said to have suffered from multiple pre-existing conditions, including heart failure, hypertension and Alzheimer’s disease.

The hospital reportedly had to call in medical professionals from the military, who offered him a range of treatments because of the complexity of his case.

Source: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/health/coronavirus-chinese-man-aged-100-recovers-disease-a4383741.html?amp

97-year-old woman is the oldest to recover from coronavirus in South Korea

A 97-year-old became the oldest woman in South Korea to recover from the coronavirus, according to a new report.

A woman, 97, has recovered from the coronavirus after a two-week treatment, the oldest South Korean to prevail in a fight against the deadly disease, reported Korea Times on March 26.

She had been treated since March 13 after testing positive for the virus. Symptoms she experienced were not revealed.

The woman is in a self-isolation at home after leaving the hospital to stave off re-infection.

Source: https://vietnamtimes.org.vn/97-year-old-woman-is-the-oldest-to-recover-from-coronavirus-in-south-korea-18801.html&mobile=yes&amp=1

96-year-old coronavirus patient makes full recovery

A 96-year-old novel coronavirus patient has recovered and has been discharged from a hospital in Hangzhou on Thursday, making the patient likely the world's oldest person to have recovered from the disease.

The patient, who was treated in the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, suffered from severe lung inflammation and was placed in the Intensive Care Unit due to the patient's advanced age and condition.

After careful antiviral medical treatments and hormone therapy, the patient gradually recovered and met discharge standards to leave the hospital.

Source: https://www.chinadaily.com.cn/a/202002/14/WS5e4684b7a310128217277ab9.html

'Coronavirus-free': 90-year-old grandmother returns home to family

The family all said their goodbyes to Geneva Wood in what seemed like her last days. But the 90-year-old kept fighting.

While the world is still struggling to comprehend and manage the coronavirus pandemic, there is a happy story to share from the West coast: A 90-year-old grandmother has fully recovered from COVID-19 and is now home with family.

The last few months have been hard on Geneva Wood and her family. Wood spent much of the winter recovering from a stroke at The Life Care Center in Kirkland, Washington. By February, the 90-year-old improved so much doctors planned to send her home on March 2. But the Saturday before her release, the facility went on lockdown because of COVID-19. Then on March 5, Wood spiked a fever.

Wood’s health quickly deteriorated and the family said their goodbyes through a pane of glass. But then something amazing happened: Wood started improving.

“It was pretty surreal,” Kate said. “She’s making these requests. She said, ‘I need homemade potato soup,’ and is delegating things to family members.”

“She is absolutely tough as nails,” James Neidigh, 35, Wood’s grandson told TODAY. “She is definitely the type of person who could make it through anything.”

From stroke to the unknown
When Wood first entered the nursing facility in January, she couldn’t use her right side, walk, talk, feed or dress herself from the stroke. But she pushed herself and slowly regained much of her abilities.

“It was a great experience,” James explained. “She learned how to basically walk and talk and feed herself.”

But she fell and went to a local hospital. Then the family learned she had a fever and would be tested for coronavirus. They truly started worrying.

“That started things in a different direction,” James said.

On March 6, the family said they learned Wood tested positive for coronavirus. They were stunned.

“For her to fight back from that stroke and to go through all that rehab … and it’s a stupid virus that is going to take her out, of all things, it was just shocking,” daughter Cami Neidigh, 60, told TODAY. “It was like I can’t believe this is the way she is going to go.”

'There is hope'
But Wood had other plans. She started to recover, and in late March her family reported that after a series of tests she was officially "coronavirus-free."

“Everybody was surprised because she was in such bad shape. Nobody thought she was going to survive,” Cami said. “She wanted us to be proud of her. She didn’t want us to think she was going to give up.”

Source: https://www.today.com/today/amp/tdna176531