Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The End Of Globacom In Benin Republic

Report has gathered that one of Nigeria’s biggest network ‘Glo’ which is a subsidiary of the Nigerian telecom group ‘Globalcom’ has refused to comply with the new payment obligation made by telecoms license in Benin Republic. This was reported by the Regulatory Authority for Electrical Communication and Posts (ARCEP) of Benin Republic, and so, the body also threatens to end Glo mobile and its operation in the West African Country.

Globalcom company which has earlier been notified of their refusal to comply with their new dues on the 18th December 2017 following the failure in September 2017 of the negotiations initiated with the State since June 2017 for the renewal of its telecom license. It was revealed that Glo Mobile would have refused to pay the new price of the telecom license, set by the Beninese state.

ARCEP of Benin Republic also stated that in refusal of the company's compliance to the new payment, it  requires Globalcom operations around its state to stop, this also include the sales of new SIM card and recharge cards around its state. Also stated that the company must notify all its subscribers of the impending cessation of its activities and invite them to consume definitively the telephone credits available on their accounts within thirty days of the notification sent to them. Glo Mobile will also have to maintain its passive colocation infrastructure with other operators for a period of three months.

From our findings Globalcom has yet to release an official statement regarding the issue.

The Beninese telecom market lost two big mobile operators in about four months although if we assume the worse case scenario with Globalcom. Bell Benin Communications SA which was lost on 2nd August 2017. Leaving only three which are MTN, Libercom, Spacetel and Moov.


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