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Photo Of The New Lagos Road Worthiness Certificate Issued Last Week Friday

The increase in the cost of road worthiness is big news. Guess you’ve all heard that it is double last years cost.

But what you don’t Know is Currently, it is compulsory to make your cars available for inspection.

The new road worthiness now as a different format to getting it, unlike before.

The new look of lagos state road worthiness

Now it is required you make a payment for the type of vehicle you’re bringing for inspection. there you will be given a slip with your referral code on it. This slip covers you for a period of 30 days for you to take your car for an inspection, find out whatever is wrong with it and fix it.

Referral note
The referral note for the road worthiness

With this slip you take your car in for inspection and a final slip with be given to you, this would certify that your car is road worthy with a pass boldly written at the end.

Inspection report for road worthiness
How the inspection report for the road worthiness looks like
Please don’t fall prey of the latest scam going around ensure you renew with right organisation.