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Buhari Should Sack Aisha Alhassan, Ministers Disloyal To Him - Mohammed Danlami

Mama Taraba's statement is obvious serving ministers are disloyal to the president - APC lawmaker
Honourable Mohammed Kurfi Danlami, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to reshuffle his cabinet as it had become obvious that his ministers were disloyal.

The APC lawmaker representing Dutsin-ma/Kurfi Federal Constituency of Katsina State stated this in reaction to the statements credited to Aisha Al-Hassan, the minister of women affairs, where she pledged her support former vice president, Atiku Abubakar, in 2019.
”With due respect, I expect President Buhari to embark on urgent cabinet reshuffle, this is necessary as it has become obvious that 80 percent of the serving ministers are treacherous, disloyal to the president and also capable of becoming clogs in the wheel of progress of this administration. In my own view Hajia Aishat Alhassan should top the list of those that should be sacked by Mr president.
”Initially we thought her statement was one of such fake news, but shockingly and without remorse she came out in defense of her statement. Since her loyalty is for Atiku, I don’t see any reason she should still remain in Buhari’s cabinet. I think she should just pitch her tent with Atiku’s presidential bid. What amazed me most is that the former VP has not declared yet, neither has the incumbent President.‎”
“This means even if Atiku dumps APC, she will as well follow him. I thought her BBC interview should have been about the progress she recorded in her ministry or innovation she has introduced thus far, but what she could only do was to create unnecessary distraction and embarrass the government. This is ridiculous and most unfortunate.”
Alhassan, who lost the Taraba state governorship race to Darius Ishaku in 2015, was appointed to President Buhari's cabinet in the same year..
According to reports, Alhassan stated that even if President Buhari decides to re-contest in 2019, she would still support Atiku.

Source: http://RationalTV.blogspot.in/2017/09/rationaltvpresident-buhari-should-sack.html