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13-year old boy who had a heart transplant in March dies on first day of school

13-year-old Peyton West who survived a heart transplant in March 2017 and spent the past five months living a full and fun life is dead.

Narrating his last day on earth, his father, Corey West said 'Peyton woke up on Thursday excited for his first day of eighth grade in Goshen, Ohio. He was being goofy and the family took a photo of him smiling on their front porch. But 15 minutes later, when his older brother Ethan dropped him off at school, everything changed. He told Ethan he didn't feel well and then collapsed. Ethan carried him to the school nurse's office. An ambulance rushed him to the hospital before his mother, Melissa, joined them. The medics told Melissa West that they were quick to leave because Peyton's heart had stopped and it was a sight that no mother should see'.

Doctors tried for 2½ hours to revive him, but Peyton died at the hospital. Peyton was born November 6, 2003, with hypoplastic left heart syndrome.