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Trump Throws Black Man Out Of Rally, Not Knowing He Was His TRUE FAN

A black Trump supporter was thrown out of a campaign rally after he was accused of being a protester. C. J. Cary , a long time supporter of the Donald, attended the rally in Kinston, North Carolina on Wednesday.

Trump was mid-speech when the crowd began booing, waving their Trump Pence signs and pointing at Cary.

'That's all right, leave him alone,' the Republican presidential candidate told the crowd, according to the News Observer. But he swiftly changed his mind. 'We have a protester,' Trump declared.

'By the way, were you paid $1,500 to be a thug?' he asked, scanning the crowd. 'Where's the protester? Where is he? Was he paid?'

'You can get him out, Trump said, addressing his security. 'Get him out.' Cary was then escorted from the event by security as the audience cheered.

Trump has previously accused Clinton's campaign of paying protesters to disrupt his rallies. But Cary was not a protester. He is a huge Trump fan.

The former Marine claims he has been corresponding with the real estate mogul since 1992 when Trump replied to Cary's letter during his first divorce.

Cary, who was wearing sunglasses and a suit jacket at the rally, said he had been hoping to give another letter to the Republican candidate.

He was just 20ft from the stage, shouting 'Donald! and waving his letter, when he was escorted outside.

'Everyone else is waving Trump signs and I'm waving this white letter,' Cary told the Washington Post. He also thinks that his sunglasses - worn because of his sensitivity to light - may also have made people suspicious.

As he was led out, the security agent noticed that Cary was wearing a GOP badge.

He told Cary that while he wasn't a protester, the crowd had turned against him and he should probably leave the rally. Although he was able to pass on his letter to give to Trump.

That eight-page letter urged him to be more accepting of minorities before urging: 'You must defeat lying Hillary and lying Obama. These characters are bad really bad.'

Cary says he has not yet heard back from the Trump campaign but a surrogate has reached out to him.

The 63-year-old said he was disappointed to have been ejected, but that wasn't going to stop him from voting for Trump.

'I was a little sad [that I was escorted out] but was more happy than sad because my purpose for being there was to give that document to Donald,' Cary said. 'My mission was to make sure I got it in the right hands, because someone could have just easily tossed it or dropped it.'