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Good music never dies - Celebration of a friend

I had an opportunity to meet a long time good Old friend, a friend I last saw some 15 years back,thanks to the OSCOS99Frontliners on Facebook started by a friend Amole Oluwaseyi,who helped to keep all OSCOS 1999 Set in contact,OSCOS is an acronym for Oyo State College Of Science,that was the secondary school we attended in Oke-Bola Ibadan, we were also the last set of the school.

Tunde Oladoja as he was fondly called  never recalled maybe he had a  nick name like some others back then.A very hard working,resourceful,lively,Playful and TROUBLESOME buddy who loves Science and eager to learn more.I could remember Tunde coming to the school every morning asking  questions about the percentage of water in almost everything,animals and plants in particular,then I  always make jest of him with some friends like Richard Otoba,Sanmi Aderinola,Tayo Adeeko, Abiodun Abiola to mention a few, but it was not surprising  when I came across him two years back he has his own fumigating company terminating the lives of pest by depriving them of water making our home a safe haven. (Tunday you need to pay me for this advert).
Today apart from fumigating he has proved himself to be a very good muscian and his love for Good music has given birth to some very good and nice music ,that trait I never saw back then as a good lover of music.

I will like you to help me celebrate this friend of ours by downloading all his music for free and share it all around the world,let the sharing know no boundary,his music is a true definition of good music that we need nowadays.
Below are the links to the songs,they are six in number,the sixth one is a Christmas song but the link is not yet provide.My favorite is Who I am

Enjoy good music
Good music never dies......Tunday Oladoja

 (1) Ma pami o (A High life toned Love song) -

(2) God’s Sent (Love song) -

(3) We are the Champions (To everyone who knows that he is a champion ;Football Song) -

(4) Feelings (Love song) -

(5) Who I am (Inspirational Song) -

Enjoy real music below.... Listen, Download, Comment and share.
History begins here today..... It started with you.