Sunday, May 31, 2015

Buhari to Earn N14 million as Annual Salary, Allowances

Nigeria's new president, Muhammadu Buhari, and his deputy, Yemi Osinbajo, will earn annual basic salaries of N3, 514, 705 and N3, 031, 572.50 respectively, according to the information on the website of the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission.

The RMAFC is statutorily empowered by Section 32 (d) of Part 1 of the Third Schedule of the Constitution to determine the remuneration appropriate for political office holders.

Apart from the salaries, the president is entitled to various regular allowances like:

•Hardship, 50 per cent of the basic salary – N1, 757, 350.50;
•consistency – 250 per cent, N8, 786, 762.50.

Other regular allowances like motor vehicle fuelling and maintenance, special assistant, personal assistant, domestic staff, entertainment, utilities, security and Newspapers and periodicals are to be provided by the government – not paid for.

Allowances like accommodation, furniture, and duty tour allowance (per night), estacode (per night) and medical allowances are also to be provided as requested.

The allowances are paid periodically, some monthly, a few once in four years. Duty Tour Allowance and Estacode depend on travels.
For instance, furniture allowance to other cadre of officials, like ministers and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, is given once in four years. The President and Vice President are not paid furniture allowance as they are provided for.

When all allowances payable each month are added, President Buhari will take home N1, 171,568.33 each month, and N14, 058, 820.00 yearly.

Vice President Osinbajo will receive N1, 010, 524. 17 monthly, and N12, 126,290.00 per annum.
Details of Allowances.

•The president's severance gratuity is N10, 544, 115, that is 300 per cent of basic;
•he is entitled to a leave allowance of N351, 470. 50, (10 per cent of basic salary)
•and an optional motor vehicle loan of N14, 058, 820, at 400 per cent to be repaid before the expiration of the president's tenure.

Mr. Osinbajo will also get allowances such as motor vehicle, feeding and maintenance, special assistant, personal assistant, domestic staff, entertainment utility, security, newspaper and periodicals.
While the number two man's hardship, consistency, severance gratuity and leave allowance are at N1, 515, 786.25; N7, 578, 931.25; N9, 094, 717.50 and N303, 157.25 respectively.

He will also receive a motor vehicle loan at 400 per cent of his basic salary which is N12, 126, 290; to be repaid at the expiration of his tenure.

The salaries and allowances are drawn from the Consolidated Revenue Fund. The current salary structure and allowances were fixed by the RMAFC in 2007.

Before the review, the basic annual salary of the then president, Olusegun Obasanjo, was N2,586,000 per annum, while that of his deputy, Atiku Abubakar was N1,938,000 the same as that of the Chief Justice of Nigeria and the Senate President, both heads of the judiciary and the legislature.

This was as a result of the review of the salary structure and associated allowances for the top federal public office holders earlier carried out by the National Salaries and Wages Commission.

This followed the review of the salary structure and associated allowances for the top federal public office holders earlier carried out by the National Salaries and Wages Commission.

That review, which took effect on May 1, 2000, was contained in a memo SWC.04/S.1/Vol.1V/186 dated May 15, 2000 and signed by G.P.O. Chikelu, the then Chairman of the Commission-

The Best Food, Drink Of Buhari

Alhaji Ahmed Ibrahim Babankowa  is a retired police commissioner.   His name might not be familiar, but his action can never be forgotten in the history of Nigeria . It was   him, shortly after the 1966 coup, who discovered the bodies of the Prime Minister, Sir Tafawa Balewa and his Finance Minister, Chief Okotie Eboh, who had been taken by the coupists to the outskirts of Lagos, Sango-Ota, and shot dead. A retiree and elder   statesman, Babankowa is a close associate of the President Muhammadu Buhari, for the past 43 years. In   this interview at his residence in Hadejia Road, Kano, he says the Buhari administration would not disappoint Nigerians.

What is his best food?
Buhari is somebody who will not miss his three square meals, however small the meals may be, just to put something in the stomach, he must eat something. He does not joke with that. Even if we are traveling, provision is always made for that in the car. Do you know Alikama? That is wheat. There is something we called Tuwo Alikama. He likes it very much, with different types of soup. It could be okro, or any other soup.

How about drinks?
He does not drink anything outside Fanta, Coca Cola and water. His love for Nigeria  is something else. He is always looking for what he can give rather than what he can get and that is why he has nothing, compared to our so-called leaders. He has only three houses, two in Kaduna and one in Daura. The one in Daura is just a two-bedroom bungalow. One of the two houses   in Kaduna is for his visitors while he occupies one.

Panicky Diezani Reaches Out To Lamorde

Immediate past petroleum minister, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke during whose tenure several allegations of corrupt practices in the industry have been flying around is literally running from pillar to post, apparently in search of reprieve.

The highly influential minister in former president Goodluck Jonathan's government is said to have stepped up efforts, playing out to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, (EFCC), buzzing the phones line of the agency's Chairman, Ibrahim Lamorde.

Saturday Sun learnt that the calls have neither been taken nor acknowledged.

Exasperated, the Bayelsa born former senior executive of Shell Petroleum Development Company Limited reported Lamorde to the former National Security Adviser (NSA), General Aliyu Gusau (retd), complaining that the EFCC helmsman had been ignoring her calls.

It was further gathered that Gusau's intervention earned little relief for her as Lamorde explained to the ex-NSA that Diezani had for over two and half years snubbed him.

The anti-corruption czar, according to Sunday Sun's source told the General he would not understand her spirited efforts to reach out to him now that she was no longer in power, adding for good effect that she poured more cold water on him with a usual shrill banter. "my brother, my brother" anytime they meet at public events.

It was further learnt that the embattled lady is not giving up without a good fight as she is said be prevailing on Gusau to convene a meeting between the two of them for fence mending.

It is not yet clear whether the General has obliged her request.

Diezani has been buffeted in the last three years with unsavoury reports of sleight.

So much was the uproar that student calls were made by human rights activists and anti corruption crusaders for her sack or resignation.

Former Ceneral Bank governor, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi first blew that whistle over the missing $20billion oil money from the vault.

In the face of flat denials by the government and the refusal to budge to the demands of the activities for sack, a forensic audit of the accounts of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) was ordered and given to the PriceWater-CooperHouse, a reputable international firm of auditors.

The firm returned a report of a lower figure of $18billion, and urged that a minimum of $6billion be returned. The NNPC, which initially disagreed with the figure later grudgingly accepted to make gradual refunds, but is yet to keep faith with that. Coupled with that is the undying issue of petroleum subsidy which is said to be mirred in high profile corruption.

The vexed and unresolved issue of petroleum subsidy often pitched marketers against the government and has led to incessant strikes.

Attempts by both chambers of the National Assembly to wade into the issue and other oil related ones met with a brick wall as she consistently refused to honour their calls.

At the height of the investigations into the $20billion missing oil money, she ran to the court and obtained an interlocutory injunction, restraining members of the House of Representatives from summoning her.

While these events unfolded, the Presidency watched unperturbed, offering no helpful insight to the demanding public. Till date, the former petroleum minster rode the waves'-declining all calls for explanations. The attitude of the Presidency in the face of the scandal effectively put her on the "A' list of the class of "untouchables" in Jonathan's government.

On Friday May 24, she was reported to have run after President Muhammadu Buhari at the Nnamdi Azikiwe airport. Both were on their way on a British Airways flight to London, Buhari was first to arrive the airport and completed his boarding formalities. Diezani arrived shortly after, and on getting wind of the presence of Buhari, who was yet to be sworn-in as president then, she abandoned her aides and ran after him. It was further reported that attempts made by her to snuggle up to him and speak to him on the flight drew blank. The report is yet to be denied. Diezani is the first woman to become the president of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC. As part of her controversial tenure, she flew around the world in private jets. The petroleum minister is generally acclaimed as a dark spot in Jonathan's regime which president Buhari promised a comprehensive clean-up during the presidential campaign.

Key Appointments: Buhari’s Silence Unsettles APC Leaders

With security at the top of his agenda, President Muhammadu Buhari may have decided to make the announcement of his security team the first in the series of appointments he is expected to make at the start of his administration, THISDAY has learnt. The team is likely to be headed by former Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant-general Abdulrahman Dambazau, who looks set to become the new National Security Adviser.
It is also gathered from a reliable source that the next on the list of appointments would be those of Secretary to the Government of the Federation and Chief of Staff to the President.

This is as Buhari's silence on executive appointments seen as key to the full take-off of his administration has upset many chieftains of his party, All Progressives Congress. It has also provoked considerable anxiety about the roadmap he is reading after his swearing in as president on May 29.

Many Nigerians had thought from past experience that Buhari would announce major appointments, such as Chief of Staff, media spokesperson NSA, and SGF, at least within 48 hours of his inauguration. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo had sacked all the service chiefs, the director-general of State Security Services, and the NSA on his assumption of office.

Buhari's refusal to say anything on the appointments has fuelled speculation that he and key stakeholders of APC may not be on the same page with regard to the choice of persons for the positions.

Nonetheless, Buhari and the vice president, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, have declared their assets in line with the constitution. This was disclosed in a statement by the head of Buhari's media team, Garba Shehu.

But the non-publication of the details of the assets declaration, in keeping with popular expectation and the president's own past pledge, has rankled with many Nigerians.

The Code of Conduct Bureau on Friday acknowledged the submission of the asset declaration forms of Buhari and Osinbajo, which were submitted separately on May 28, and endorsed by the organisation's chairman, Sam Saba. Buhari's declarant identity was given as "President: 000001/2015."

Nigerians expected the president to make his asset declaration public. But Shehu defended Buhari's decision to limit the declaration to the Code of Conduct Bureau, thus, "President Muhammadu Buhari has declared his assets to the Code of Conduct Bureau as required by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. If anyone is interested in knowing details of his asset worth, such a person can avail himself or herself of the use of Freedom of Information Act to seek the information from the bureau."

In a related development, the president has denied placing a travel ban on any Nigerian, including officials of the past administration.

A statement on Saturday by Shehu said, "We have not banned anyone from travelling." It stressed that all ex-government officials were entitled to their freedom of movement and other rights and privileges under the constitution and must not be subjected to harassment and intimidation at the airports or other points of entry and exit.

The statement was in reaction to reports about "V.I.P. stoppages" yesterday at the airports.

"Unless otherwise directed by the courts, no law-abiding citizens should be barred from travelling abroad. We must treat fellow citizens with courtesy and respect.

"Officials at the borders and other points of entry and exit should conduct their affairs in strict compliance with due process. No one has my permission to bar anyone from travelling abroad," Shehu quoted Buhari as saying.

Meanwhile, THISDAY learnt that APC leaders insisted they must be carried along by the president in the making of strategic appointments in line with the principle of party supremacy. He had in his inaugural speech on Friday announced the relocation of the Defence Headquarters to Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State, the hotbed of the nearly six-year-old Boko Haram insurgency. This was in apparent demonstration of his determination to tackle the terrorist threat head-on. Against this backdrop, Buhari is believed to have prioritised the appointment of his security team.

The president was said to have initially decided to make Dambazau the Minister of Defence, but other APC leaders who got wind of it objected to the appointment of northerners into the two strategic positions of NSA and defence minister.

The president of Nigerian Guild of Editors and managing director of Sun Newspapers, Femi Adesina, is said to be pencilled in as Buhari's senior special adviser on media and publicity, and former military administrator of Kaduna State, Col. Abdul Hamid Ali, is being considered for Chief of Staff. Ali had served as Buhari's Chief of Staff before.

Those eyeing the post of SGF include immediate past governor of Rivers State, Chibuike Amaechi; former governor of Abia State, Chief Ogbonnaya Onu; and the latest entrant, Alhaji Babagana Kingibe.

Sources in APC said Buhari may have settled for Amaechi with the backing of prominent southerners in the party, who are keen on having someone from the region in the position.

Leaders of the party from the south were said to have confronted Buhari over Kingibe's alleged aspiration, insisting he didn't work for the party. But Buhari was said to have informed them that they might  not have been aware that the former SGF actually  worked for his victory behind the scene.

However, Kingibe has become visible since Buhari's victory, prompting leaders of the party from the south to unite behind Amaechi so that the region does not miss the opportunity of producing the SGF.

THISDAY gathered that the delay in the announcement of key appointments by the new government was caused by the president's decision to refrain from any pronouncement in that regard until major political interests in his party had been catered for.

Friday, May 29, 2015

PDP congratulates Buhari

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has joined millions of people around the world to congratulate President Muhammadu Buhari on his inauguration as President and Commander-In-Chief of Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The party in a statement issued on Friday by its National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh, wished the new President success in piloting the affairs of the country for the next four years.

"The PDP wishes President Buhari a successful tenure as President of our dear nation. Indeed, we appreciate the fact that his success would be to the benefit of Nigeria as a nation. It is against this backdrop that we wish him good health, vigour and wisdom to pilot the affairs of the nation for the next four years.

"We also join millions of Nigerians and the international community in commending and applauding immediate past President Goodluck Jonathan for a smooth transition as well as his democratic credentials and enduring legacies in ensuring the stability of the nation," the statement said.

The statement added that as a party that has nurtured and sustained democracy in the last 16 years, the PDP would remain committed to the democratic ethos as well as the unity, stability and prosperity of Nigeria at all times

Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode’s Inaugural Speech



Today, I have just performed the sacred duty of oath-taking as the Governor of Lagos State. It has pleased GOD through the good people of Lagos State, that my destiny as a little boy, born from a humble background, on the 14th day of JUNE to become the 14th Governor of our great State, Lagos is being realised.

2 I am eternally grateful to all of you. To all Lagosians,
the young and elderly, widows, physically-challenged; girls and boys, and especially, the children; who followed our musical campaign with vigour; God bless you all.

3 Permit me to acknowledge and appreciate specially all the voters that voted for me; equally appreciate those that did not and also the people that did not exercise their franchise to vote at all. We are all winners. One of the instructive lessons from this last political campaign and election is for all politicians never to take our people for granted again. I would, more than ever before; take you, the good people of Lagos, along with me, in this journey of renewed hope and prosperity at all times.

4 My appreciation goes to all our elder statesmen and women including all our senior citizens. To all our religious leaders, I say thank you. All our Muslim leaders, Christians leaders and other faiths; your prayers for Lagos State did not go unanswered.

5 I must not fail to acknowledge all our civil society organisations. The students, civil servants, labour unions, artisans, professionals, corporate Lagos, the business community, thank you very much. To all Lagosians in diaspora, foreign residents and all other stakeholders; thank you for keeping faith in the potential greatness of our State.

6 From the bottom of my heart, I greet all our traditional rulers, our Royal Fathers, Kings, Chiefs and their wives. I thank you all, most especially, the Chairman; the State Council of Obas and Chiefs, His Royal Majesty, Oba Rilwan Akiolu, Oba of Lagos. We promise to continue to nurture our traditional institutions as part of our heritage.

7 To our Party Leaders and all members of our great party, The All Progressives Congress (APC); today belongs to you all. Our elected Officers, the three Distinguished Senators, Honourable Members of the House of Representatives and Members of the House of Assembly; congratulations and thank you.

8 And my Deputy; Dr. Idiat Oluranti Adebule, thank you.

9 To my family, words are not enough; My mother, who is here today, thank you for being a very caring mother to me. All my uncles, brothers and sisters; I appreciate you. To my lovely wife, Bolanle, thank you so much for your sacrifices and perseverance. God bless you always. My children, friends and loved ones and supporters; I really appreciate the enormity of sacrifices, pain, prayers and efforts. I remain eternally grateful.

10 Lastly, I speak to the two people that have shaped the history of this State in the last sixteen (16) years.

11 You are focused, dogged and hard-working, you are a visioner par excellence. You are a bridge-builder. To our leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu; you have laid an enduring foundation for what we are all building on today. When the history of the political economy of Nigeria is being written, surely it would be kind to you. Thank you so much.

To our Distinguished Senator, (Mrs.) Oluremi Tinubu; your support and commitment to our State and to me personally during the election is well appreciated.

12 To the out-going Governor, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN), you have fought the good fight. You came, you saw, you conquered. I have been at close quarters as a student, you as my teacher and mentor. On behalf of my family and other good people of Lagos; we say thank you. We appreciate you and your family.


As we collectively face the challenge to make Lagos a better place to live in, we must recognize our strength in diversity. A common national identity where everybody counts. I shall run an open government of inclusion that will not leave anyone behind. No matter your age, sex, tribe or any other Status, as long as you reside in Lagos, we will make Lagos work for you.


Lagosians are hardworking people. Lagos is striving because of its undying entrepreneurial spirit. However we must realise that there are no short-cuts to success. To our youths, we must nurture good family values to succeed in any endeavour. I want our younger ones and children to draw some lessons from my story. Anyone of you can rise up to be the best you want to be. Your background and circumstances cannot be an obstacle to your dreams. In our country, particularly in Lagos, you can always succeed. This is the Nigerian dream where hard-work, courage, perseverance, persistence, merit and rewards pay. We must therefore embrace new thinking and be determined to succeed at all times. I am ready to encourage and nurture that dream in our children, youths and every hard-working Lagosian. We would reward merit, hard-work and loyalty to the State. The future is for those who dare to dream and find courage to pursue their dreams.


We are all witnesses to the economic downturn and dwindling revenues at the national and state levels. The present economic situation has affected the financial profile of most states in the country.
The state is blessed that the foundation of its financial autonomy was designed and implemented by that visioner and our leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Thus, the state has been partially shielded from the negative trend flowing from the federal level.

For us to sustain the progressive and radical transformation on-going in the state, we have to redouble our efforts on all fronts for our commitment to excellence. While we must be creative and innovative; we are not citizens until we become responsible tax payers. I want to assure all of us that I will make your taxes work for you. You will surely get a transparent and incorruptible government that will give you good value for your taxes paid.

Creativity is the most valuable asset in any public institution. Progressive governments must reward contributors of good ideas. Therefore, wherever practicable, we shall practise government by incentives and not government by enforcement. We shall implement creative ideas and concepts that reduce the cost of running government; ideas that make life simpler and happier for our people.

I, therefore, invite you all, to join hands with me, to offer new ideas that will pull more resources to cater for the poor and needy amongst us. This will be a compassionate government.

16     DEVELOPMENT PLAN (2012 – 2025)

In the spirit of continuity, I am committed to the State Development Plan (2012 – 2025). The plan is structured under four pillars; (1) Social Development and Security; (2) Infrastructural Development; (3) Economic Development and (4) Sustainable Environment.

The challenges we face today as a State, are good enough ingredients to bring out the best of all of us. Together, we shall push forward and not look back, with our hands firmly on the plough. We would work hard to tackle poverty, ignorance and social decadence in our State.


As we all know, the best practices of yesterday may not be good enough for the products of today. In this sense, we shall embark on continuous reforms in the public service. I am determined to demonstrate that the government belongs to the citizens. You have put us here as servants to serve you and not you serving us. Today we are committed to that creed.

Moving forward, the Civil Service will be strengthened and made to respond to the needs of all citizens in the same manner, quality services are rendered in the private sector.

My administration is prepared to take the decisions needed to promote merit and professionalism. To restructure where required, eliminate poor Human Resource practices and accelerate the pace of reforms in the spirit of good governance.

I want to assure the business community and corporate Lagos that the ease of doing business in Lagos will be improved upon earnestly. Lagos is open for greater business; To this end, a new office of Overseas Affairs and Investment (LAGOS GLOBAL) shall be created under the Governor's Office.

We want you to fly into Lagos, start your business, find your way; live, work and enjoy in Lagos.

As part of our reforms, a new Ministry of Wealth Creation and Employment shall be established. This would specifically address the promise I made during the campaign on employment trust fund, labour exchange and entrepreneurship. This goal, we shall pursue vigorously.

Also, the Office of Civic Engagement shall be created under the Deputy Governor's Office to strengthen and enhance our promise on government of inclusion. Everyone must have a voice in my administration.


I have the political will to engage investors and stakeholders in creating the enabling environment for tourism, entertainment and arts; and iconic infrastructure for the benefit of all.

Once again, I thank the good people of Lagos for the confidence reposed in our party; both at the national and State levels. We shall not disappoint you. God bless you all.

20 God bless Lagos State
God bless Nigeria
Itesiwaju Ipinle Eko
Oje mi lo gun; Oje wa lo gun
Eko oni baje – I promise.
Thank you.

Full Text of President Buhari's Inaugural speech

I am immensely grateful to God Who Has preserved us to witness this day and this occasion. Today marks a triumph for Nigeria and an occasion to celebrate her freedom and cherish her democracy. Nigerians have shown their commitment to democracy and are determined to entrench its culture. Our journey has not been easy but thanks to the determination of our people and strong support from friends abroad we have today a truly democratically elected government in place.

I would like to thank President Goodluck Jonathan for his display of statesmanship in setting a precedent for us that has now made our people proud to be Nigerians wherever they are. With the support and cooperation he has given to the transition process, he has made it possible for us to show the world that despite the perceived tension in the land we can be a united people capable of doing what is right for our nation. Together we co-operated to surprise the world that had come to expect only the worst from Nigeria. I hope this act of graciously accepting defeat by the outgoing President will become the standard of political conduct in the country.

I would like to thank the millions of our supporters who believed in us even when the cause seemed hopeless. I salute their resolve in waiting long hours in rain and hot sunshine to register and cast their votes and stay all night if necessary to protect and ensure their votes count and were counted. I thank those who tirelessly carried the campaign on the social media.

At the same time, I thank our other countrymen and women who did not vote for us but contributed to make our democratic culture truly competitive, strong and definitive. I thank all of you. Having just a few minutes ago sworn on the Holy Book, I intend to keep my oath and serve as President to all Nigerians. I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody. A few people have privately voiced fears that on coming back to office I shall go after them. These fears are groundless.

There will be no paying off old scores. The past is prologue. Our neighbours in the Sub-region and our African brethenen should rest assured that Nigeria under our administration will be ready to play any leadership role that Africa expects of it. Here I would like to thank the governments and people of Cameroon, Chad and Niger for committing their armed forces to fight Boko Haram in Nigeria.

I also wish to assure the wider international community of our readiness to cooperate and help to combat threats of cross-border terrorism, sea piracy, refugees and boat people, financial crime, cyber crime, climate change, the spread of communicable diseases and other challenges of the 21 st century.

At home we face enormous challenges. Insecurity, pervasive corruption, the hitherto unending and seemingly impossible fuel and power shortages are the immediate concerns. We are going to tackle them head on. Nigerians will not regret that they have entrusted national responsibility to us. We must not succumb to hopelessness and defeatism. We can fix our problems.

In recent times Nigerian leaders appear to have misread our mission. Our founding fathers, Mr Herbert Macauley, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Alhaji Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto, Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Malam Aminu Kano, Chief J.S. Tarka, Mr Eyo Ita, Chief Denis Osadeby, Chief Ladoke Akintola and their colleagues worked to establish certain standards of governance. They might have differed in their methods or tactics or details, but they were united in establishing a viable and progressive country.

Some of their successors behaved like spoilt children breaking everything and bringing disorder to the house. Furthermore, we as Nigerians must remind ourselves that we are heirs to great civilizations: Shehu Othman Dan fodio's caliphate, the Kanem Borno Empire, the Oyo Empire, the Benin Empire and King Jaja's formidable domain.

The blood of those great ancestors flow in our veins. What is now required is to build on these legacies, to modernize and uplift Nigeria. Daunting as the task may be it is by no means insurmountable. There is now a national consensus that our chosen route to national development is democracy. To achieve our objectives we must consciously work the democratic system. The Federal Executive under my watch will not seek to encroach on the duties and functions of the Legislative and Judicial arms of government.

The law enforcing authorities will be charged to operate within the Constitution. We shall rebuild and reform the public service to become more effective and more serviceable. We shall charge them to apply themselves with integrity to stabilize the system. For their part the legislative arm must keep to their brief of making laws, carrying out over-sight functions and doing so expeditiously. The judicial system needs reform to cleanse itself from its immediate past.

The country now expects the judiciary to act with dispatch on all cases especially on corruption, serious financial crimes or abuse of office. It is only when the three arms act constitutionally that government will be enabled to serve the country optimally and avoid the confusion all too often bedeviling governance today. Elsewhere relations between Abuja and the States have to be clarified if we are to serve the country better.

Constitutionally there are limits to powers of each of the three tiers of government but that should not mean the Federal Government should fold its arms and close its eyes to what is going on in the states and local governments. Not least the operations of the Local Government Joint Account. While the Federal Government can not interfere in the details of its operations it will ensure that the gross corruption at the local level is checked.

  As far as the constitution allows me I will try to ensure that there is responsible and accountable governance at all levels of government in the country. For I will not have kept my own trust with the Nigerian people if I allow others abuse theirs under my watch. However, no matter how well organized the governments of the federation are they can not succeed without the support, understanding and cooperation of labour unions, organized private sector, the press and civil society organizations. I appeal to employers and workers alike to unite in raising productivity so that everybody will have the opportunity to share in increased prosperity. The Nigerian press is the most vibrant in Africa.

My appeal to the media today – and this includes the social media – is to exercise its considerable powers with responsibility and patriotism. My appeal for unity is predicated on the seriousness of the legacy we are getting into. With depleted foreign reserves, falling oil prices, leakages and debts the Nigerian economy is in deep trouble and will require careful management to bring it round and to tackle the immediate challenges confronting us, namely; Boko Haram, the Niger Delta situation, the power shortages and unemployment especially among young people. For the longer term we have to improve the standards of our education.

We have to look at the whole field of medicare. We have to upgrade our dilapidated physical infrastructure. The most immediate is Boko Haram's insurgency. Progress has been made in recent weeks by our security forces but victory can not be achieved by basing the Command and Control Centre in Abuja. The command centre will be relocated to Maiduguri and remain until Boko Haram is completely subdued. But we can not claim to have defeated Boko Haram without rescuing the Chibok girls and all other innocent persons held hostage by insurgents. This government will do all it can to rescue them alive.

Boko Haram is a typical example of small fires causing large fires. An eccentric and unorthodox preacher with a tiny following was given posthumous fame and following by his extra judicial murder at the hands of the police. Since then through official bungling, negligence, complacency or collusion Boko Haram became a terrifying force taking tens of thousands of lives and capturing several towns and villages covering swathes of Nigerian sovereign territory. Boko Haram is a mindless, godless group who are as far away from Islam as one can think of. At the end of the hostilities when the group is subdued the Government intends to commission a sociological study to determine its origins, remote and immediate causes of the movement, its sponsors, the international connexions to ensure that measures are taken to prevent a reccurrence of this evil. For now the Armed Forces will be fully charged with prosecuting the fight against Boko haram.

We shall overhaul the rules of engagement to avoid human rights violations in operations. We shall improve operational and legal mechanisms so that disciplinary steps are taken against proven human right violations by the Armed Forces. Boko Haram is not only the security issue bedeviling our country. The spate of kidnappings, armed robberies, herdsmen/farmers clashes, cattle rustlings all help to add to the general air of insecurity in our land.

We are going to erect and maintain an efficient, disciplined people – friendly and well – compensated security forces within an over – all security architecture. The amnesty programme in the Niger Delta is due to end in December, but the Government intends to invest heavily in the projects, and programmes currently in place. I call on the leadership and people in these areas to cooperate with the State and Federal Government in the rehabilitation programmes which will be streamlined and made more effective. As ever, I am ready to listen to grievances of my fellow Nigerians. I extend my hand of fellowship to them so that we can bring peace and build prosperity for our people. No single cause can be identified to explain Nigerian's poor economic performance over the years than the power situation.

It is a national shame that an economy of 180 million generates only 4,000MW, and distributes even less. Continuous tinkering with the structures of power supply and distribution and close on $20b expanded since 1999 have only brought darkness, frustration, misery, and resignation among Nigerians. We will not allow this to go on. Careful studies are under way during this transition to identify the quickest, safest and most cost-effective way to bring light and relief to Nigerians. Unemployment, notably youth un-employment features strongly in our Party's Manifesto. We intend to attack the problem frontally through revival of agriculture, solid minerals mining as well as credits to small and medium size businesses to kick – start these enterprises.

We shall quickly examine the best way to revive major industries and accelerate the revival and development of our railways, roads and general infrastructure. Your Excellencies, My fellow Nigerians I can not recall when Nigeria enjoyed so much goodwill abroad as now. The messages I received from East and West, from powerful and small countries are indicative of international expectations on us. At home the newly elected government is basking in a reservoir of goodwill and high expectations. Nigeria therefore has a window of opportunity to fulfill our long – standing potential of pulling ourselves together and realizing our mission as a great nation.

Our situation somehow reminds one of a passage in Shakespeare's Julius Ceasar There is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life, Is bound in shallows and miseries. We have an opportunity. Let us take it.

Thank you Muhammadu Buhari
President Federal Republic of NIGERIA and Commander in-chief-of the Armed forces

Thursday, May 28, 2015

PDP Crisis: Resignation Of Muazu, Anenih Not Enough – Ardo

A stalwart of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Adamwa State, Dr Umar Ardo, has stressed that the resignation of the former chairman of the party, Alhaji Adamu Muazu and the chairman Board of Trustees (BoT) Chief Tony Anenih were not enough to bring back the lost glory of the party noting that for that to be achieved the National Working Committee has to be disbanded completely.
Ardo a one time gubernatorial aspirant under the platform of the party said the resignation of Muazu and Anenih is a good step taken to reinvigorate the party although he contended that the NWC of the party has to be completely disbanded.

I do not need to kill anyone to win an election

Rivers State governor-elect, Chief Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike, has denied the allegation by Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi that he conspired with someone to kill innocent people of the state in order to win the governorship election.
Amaechi had while speaking at a public lecture to mark his 50th birthday anniversary in Port Harcourt on Tuesday, accused the governor-elect of hiring a former militant leader in the Niger Delta region, to mastermind the killing of innocent people of the state during the just concluded general elections.

NASS Leadership: I Don’t Care Who Emerges – Buhari

Buhari Gen
Barely a day to his swearing-in as the fifth executive president of Nigeria, President-elect General Muhammadu Buhari, has reiterated his willingness to work with anyone who emerges the Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives of the incoming eight National Assembly.
In a statement released in Abuja yesterday and signed by Mallam Garba Shehu, Buhari pointed out that the clarifcation had become necessary in view of the continued name-dropping in some circles linking his name to some contestants, adding that he was ready to work with anyone, irrespective of what part of the country he or she comes from.

UN Condemns Boko Haram’s Sexual Abuse Of Captives

The United Nations’ Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict, Zainab Bangura,has decried the reported rape and forced marriages of female captives of the Boko Haram.
In a statement signed by her office’s Advocacy and Women’s Rights Specialist, Letitia Anderson, Bangura lamented that one year after the abduction of the more than 276 Chibok girls’, many remained in captivity.
“I am appalled by reports that hundreds of the recently released female captives were repeatedly raped by Boko Haram militias and compelled to marry their captors. These latest revelations suggest that the Boko Haram is not only destroying existing family and community structures but is bent on controlling their future composition.

75 Youths Trekking For Buhari’s Victory Arrive Abuja

Buhari Gen
The 75 young people who set out from Kebbi State in solidarity with the President-elect Muhammadu Buhari 17 days ago arrived Abuja yesterday evening at about 7.30pm.
The trekkers, who were received at the Zhabu filling station along the Kubwa Expressway by Senator Adamu Aliero, said disclosed that they were 62 when they began the trek from Jega local government area of Kebbi State and when they got to Miama local government area, 13 others joined them, making them 75. They disclosed that they left on May 9, at about 8am.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We will not vacate Kashamu's residence - NDLEA

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency NDLEA says it will not vacate the premises of embattled Senator elect, Buruji Kashamu who is wanted for alleged drug related offences in the USA.

NDLEA said this in reaction to an order from a Federal High Court in Lagos today directing officials of the agency to vacate the premises of Kashamu. In a statement signed by its spokesperson, Mitchell Ofoyeju, NDLEA said it has not received the reported court injunction and that the siege is within the law. Read the statement after the cut...

I cannot be a party to the disintegration of the country- GEJ

President Jonathan today said he can never be a party to the disintegration of Nigeria. He said his decision to concede defeat after the presidential election which he lost was because of his conviction that no matter his ambition, Nigeria comes first. Jonathan said this after he was decorated with the “Peace-Loving Global Citizen” award by the Universal Peace Forum led by lawyer, Mike Ozehkome.

Governor Aliyu asks FG to remove fuel subsidy

Niger State governor, Dr. Babangida Aliyu, while commissioning a N620 million 3-star hotel developed by the Niger State Development Company Limited, NSDC, and the State Sure-P asked the Federal Government to deregulate the oil sector by removing subsidy on petroleum products.

He added that the removal of  the subsidy would reduce the black market system, thus allowing free and regular flow of petroleum products to all parts of the country.

Boko Haram Kills 37 In Borno Village, Burns Hundreds Of Houses

At least 37 persons consisting men, women and children have been confirmed dead after Boko Haram terrorists attacked Gubio town in Gubio local government of Borno State, security sources and government officials have confirmed.
The terrorists attacked Gubio on Sunday evening.
Yesterday, the state governor, Dr Kashim Shettima, visited Gubio, a town located 93km away from Maiduguri, the state capital, to assess the situation in the community.
Over 400 homes, including government buildings, schools (both western and Islamic), 22 vehicles and dozens of motorcycles were found burnt as the governor’s convoy arrive at Gubio.
A military base was also seen to have been overrun by the terrorists, but it could not be ascertained immediately if soldiers had suffered any casualties.

Airport Remodelling: FG Orders Contractors To Return N17.6bn

The federal government yesterday ordered contractors handling the remodelling of airports across the country, who failed to deliver their various remodelling projects, to return the funds they collected to government’s purse.
Aviation minister, Chief Osita Chidoka, who gave the directive, also offered reasons why the planned re-establishment of a national carrier for Nigeria had not seen the light of day since the liquidation of Nigeria Airways in 2003.

Boko Haram Kills 37 In Borno Village, Burns Hundreds Of Houses

At least 37 persons consisting men, women and children have been confirmed dead after Boko Haram terrorists attacked Gubio town in Gubio local government of Borno State, security sources and government officials have confirmed.
The terrorists attacked Gubio on Sunday evening.
Yesterday, the state governor, Dr Kashim Shettima, visited Gubio, a town located 93km away from Maiduguri, the state capital, to assess the situation in the community.
Over 400 homes, including government buildings, schools (both western and Islamic), 22 vehicles and dozens of motorcycles were found burnt as the governor’s convoy arrive at Gubio.

Chibok Girls: Children’s Day Calls For Sober Reflection – Tinubu

The Senator representing Lagos Central Senatorial District, Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu has said this year Children’s Day calls for sober reflection as the country witnssed the return of children who are victims of insurgency.
This was contained in a statement made available to journalists on Tuesday.
She said ”This year’s celebration calls for sober reflection as we witness the return of many children who are victims of insurgency, abuses, impregnated and now are refugees in their own country. While we all eagerly await the return of the Chibok girls abducted over a year ago, we must reflect on the gradually eroding societal value that calls for the protection of children,”

IGP To Nigerians: Stop Corrupting Our Policemen

The inspector general of police, IGP Solomon Arase, yesterday heaped the blame for corruption in the Police Force on Nigerians and sent out an appeal that Nigerians should stop corrupting his officers and men.
Arase made the appeal while fielding questions from journalists during his meeting with deputy inspectors general of police, assistant inspectors general of police and command commissioners of police, where he called on the public not to corrupt police personnel by giving them bribes.
“I am appealing to the members of the public; do not corrupt my policemen. It takes two to tango. If they ask you for bribe and you refuse to give, and you have avenues where your grievances can be ventilated, I do not see any reason why you should give them bribe.

God Sent Jonathan To Keep Nigeria One – Kuku


President Goodluck Jonathan has been used by God to rescue the country from war and possible disintegration in 2015.
The special adviser to the president on Niger Delta Affairs, Mr Kingsley Kuku, stated this yesterday in Ado Ekiti at Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti while commissioning a 500-capacity hall named after Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and conferment of award on the outgoing president by the alumni association of the university.

Buhari, Osinbajo ‘ll Rebuild Nigeria – Bishop Wale Oke

About 72 hours to the inauguration of a new administration, president and founder of Sword of the Spirit Ministry, Bishop Francis Wale Oke yesterday assured Nigerians that the President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari and his vice, Professor Osinbajo will rebuild the country in spite of the many challenges facing the nation.

Oil Workers Want Strategic Alliance Of OML 42 Investigated

Although the strike action embarked upon by the Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN) and the National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) has been suspended, they have, however, called on the incoming president, Muhammadu Buhari, to investigate the strategic alliance of the Oil Mining Lease (OML) 42.
The transfer of operatorship of the OML 42, considered the most prolific block in the country, from the Nigeria Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) to indigenous joint venture partner, Neconde, by the federal government, sparked a crisis which resulted to a near collapse of the nation’s economy.
Speaking with journalists in Abuja yesterday, some union members, who preferred anonymity for fear of being targeted, said that unless the matter is critically looked into, the fortunes of the NPDC and its staff would soon become like that of the refineries which are now shadows of themselves. The workers alleged that the transfer of the OML 42 operatorship to Neconde was a means by some individuals to appropriate the national oil company to themselves, adding that they want the incoming government to ask how the Neconde, which according to them, was registered in 2011, would have better capacity to run the fields than the NPDC which has been operating since 1988.
They urged the incoming government to investigate “if due process was followed before the operatorship contract was awarded to Neconde and why the hurry to do this within three weeks of the end of this administration.”

Fashola Unveils 12-Megawatt IPP To Power Lekki Free Trade Zone

Lagos State governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola on Tuesday commissioned the new 12- megawatt Independent Power Plant (IPP) to supply uninterrupted power supply to the Lekki Free Trade Zone (LFTZ)in Lekki area of the state.
Speaking at the ceremony, he said the power plant was another milestone achievement of his administration to demonstrate its commitment to the business zone.

N150bn Libel Suit: Dokpesi, 7 Others Set To Testify

Founder of DAAR Communication Plc, owners of African Independent Television (AIT), Raymond Dokpesi and seven others have been listed to testify in a N150 billion libel suit filed before the Lagos high court in Ikeja by the national leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Tinubu, against the media house. Others listed as witnesses in the case by the counsel to AIT, Mike Ozekhome (SAN) are Namure Joy Edoimioya, Chief Medan Tenke, Ajibola Adewusi, Olumide Idowu, Chief Stanley Odidi, Engr. Nwabueze and Dr. Stanley Bassey.

‘Appointment Of 37 Ministers Is Wrong’

Human rights lawyer, Festus Keyamo has kicked against the long-held notion in Nigeria that the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is under an obligation to appoint at least thirty-seven (37) ministers into his cabinet.

May 29: Ihedioha To Complete Tambuwal’s Tenure As Speaker

Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, will from May 29 step into Speaker Aminu Tambuwal’s shoes as the presiding officer of the outgoing 7th House.
This will be coming barely a week from the expiration of the House tenure which was inaugurated on June 6, 2011 and barring last minute change of plans, members are expected to amend relevant House rules at a valedictory session slated for today in order to pave way for Ihedioha to take over from Tambuwal.
Recall that Speaker Tambuwal was on April 11 elected as governort-elect of Sokoto State and will be sworn-in as executive governor on May 29, 2015.

Buhari Plans Youth Employment In First 6 Months

The President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari , has stated that his administration will work towards empowerment of the Nigerian youths within his first six months in office.
Buhari stated this yesterday at a symposium with the theme: “Maximizing the potentials of Nigerian youths as Economic Drivers for a secured nation in the next dispensation,” organised by Buhari Volunteers Network (BVN).

Last rites for the PDP

So much has been written about the demise of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), following the crushing defeat of the party in the presidential and National Assembly elections of 28 March, 2015. While it is tempting to assert that the PDP died in the hands of Nigerian voters during the elections, I would argue that the PDP died a slow and gradual death long before the elections. 
Among the factors that contributed to the death of the PDP were greed, arrogance, unparalleled corruption, cronyism, disregard for the rule of law, disrespect for judicial decisions and gross negligence of the basic needs of ordinary people. In the end, the same people that the PDP treated with scorn over a long period of 16 years were the same citizens who superintended the downfall of the party and also supervised the party’s last rites.

Shutting down ahead of May 29

I learnt that President-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, wants us to drop the “General” title as soon as he’s sworn in on May 29. Now, that’s a tough one!
I just hope there will be no penalty for those of us who would be too dumb to quickly comply? Or else, some of us would have to rot in jail for the next four years.
For one, we’ve already come to know our incoming president as GMB (Gen. Muhammadu Buhari), much the same way we accepted the outgoing President Goodluck Jonathan as GEJ, and the one before him as OBJ. In fact, the acronyms go as far back as IBB. Or even farther into the politics of the First Republic.

Adebayo bombs Jonathan

Former governor of Ekiti State, Otunba Niyi Adebayo, yesterday hit hard on the outgoing President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, over the nation’s crumbling economy and the hardship faced by Nigerians in the last three weeks due to fuel scarcity in the country.
Adebayo, who spoke in an interview with Daily Sun, said the Federal Government, led by Jonathan failed to move the nation forward.

Nsukka electricity consumers battle EEDC over bloated bills

The people of Nsukka have kicked  against what they called over-bloated electricity bills, accusing the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) of hoarding pre-paid meters so that they continue to exploit the people of the area.
In a protest letter to the EEDC management, copies of which were  made available to newsmen, members of the Allied Business Community, Nsukka called on the EEDC to urgently end estimated bills in the area.

Man dares Okija shrine

A 28-year-old motor mechanic in Nnewi, Anambra State, Mr Ifeanyi Ujah,  recently caused a stir as he set ablaze an idol called Ogwugwu Mmili  planted in  his workshop and  said to have been brought from Okija.
Ujah was said to have initially reported the matter to Canaanland Adoration Ministries a.k.a E-Dey Work Catholic Centre in Nnobi, Idemili South Local Government Area of the state and on the instruction of the Spiritual Director of the adoration centre, Rev Fr Magnus Ebere SDV, he set the fetish object ablaze.

FG flags off distribution of clean stoves

Less than 72 hours to the expiration of the present administration, the Federal Government yesterday flagged off distribution of N5 billion clean cooking stoves for rural women.
The clean stove initiative was launched by Vice President Namadi Sambo, in the Banquet Hall of the State House, Abuja.  He said the stoves will reduce desertification in the country and will also boost job creation and reduce smoke-related diseases.
He said: “One of the global problems today is environmental problem. Desertification  in Nigeria is one of our major environmental problems and  the major cause is the cutting down of the trees and using the wood as a source of energy for cooking.

APC denies zoning Senate President to North-Central

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has denied a published report that its National Working Committee (NWC) met on Monday night and  zoned the Senate Presidency to the North-Central and the Speaker of the House of Representatives to the South-West. The party said categorically that  nothing like that ever happened.
In a statement issued in Abuja yesterday  by its National Secretary, Hon. Mai Mala Buni, the party said it was deeply embarrassed by the story, “which was apparently planted in the media to sow the seeds of instability” in the party.

Wike Hired Ex-Militant To Kill Rivers People – Amaechi


Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi has accused the state Governor-elect, Chief Nyesom Wike of hiring a former militant leader in the Niger Delta region, to mastermind the killing of innocent people of the state during the just concluded general elections.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Burkina Faso exhumes Sankara’s remains

Authorities in Burkina Faso began exhuming the remains of former president Thomas Sankara on Monday in a bid to establish responsibility for a murder that has dogged the West African country since 1987.
Sankara’s relatives have for years pressed for the remains to be tested, saying they suspect it may not be that of the former president, who died in a coup that brought his former ally Blaise Compaore to power.

PDP Appoints Mohammed, As Ag. BOT Chairman

The Board of Trustees (BOT) of Peoples Democratic Party on Monday approved the nomination of the former Acting National Chairman of the party, Dr Haliru Bello Mohammed, as its acting Chairman.
The Deputy Senate President, Chief Ike Ekweremadu, told State House Correspondents at the end of the BOT meeting in Abuja that Mohammed, who was the only nominee for the position, would act in that capacity until a substantive BOT chairman was elected.
He said that very soon the party would convene a meeting where both the National Chairman and the BOT chairman would be elected.

Tribunal Grants APC’s Request To Inspect Election Materials In Lagos

The Lagos State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal on Tuesday granted leave to the All Progressives Congress (APC) to inspect documents and gadgets used in the April 11 gubernatorial elections.
The tribunal Chairman, Justice Muhammad Sirajo, gave the order when he ruled on an application filed by the APC Counsel, Chief Charles Edosomwan (SAN).
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its candidate, Mr Jimi Agbaje, had challenged the election.

APC Denies Zoning Senate Presidency, Speaker To North-Central

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has denied reports that its National Working Committee (NWC) had zoned the seats of the Senate President and House Speaker to the North-Central and South-West respectively.
This is contained in a statement issued in Abuja on Tuesday by APC National Secretary, Mai Mala Buni.

BREAKING NEWS! Court orders NDLEA to vacate Kashamu’s premises

A Federal High Court sitting in Lagos has ordered the NDLEA to vacate the premises Senator-elect, Buruji Kashamu.
Justice Buba Ibrahim gave the order a short while ago
The alleged plan to extradite the embattled senator-elect, Prince Buruji Kashamu, to the United States of America (USA) over drug-related offence had sparked off legal battle between him, the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) and the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).
The senator-elect, who has been placed  on house arrest  by NDLEA was billed to appear before the Federal High Court sitting in Lagos, on Monday on the plan to extradite him but he was no where to be seen.

20 Kenya Policemen Killed In Al-Shabaab Attack

No fewer than 20 policemen were on Tuesday killed in an ambush by Somali Militant group , al-Shabaab in the north-eastern of Kenya, a police said.
President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya
The police officer, who claimed anonymity, said the militants bombed five vehicles convoy of Kenyan security forces travelling to the village of Yumbis in Garissa County.
“We still don’t know how many people were killed because several people are still missing, the officer said.

Apo transmission station breaks down again

Apo Transmission Station in the Federal Capital Territory broke down at 12.00noon on Tuesday.
A  source, who spoke to our Abuja correspondent in confidence, noted that the development reduced power allocation to the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) to 20 Mega Watts (MW).
His words: “We were happy that the power allocation to us at AEDC was improving as it rose to 92MW. But at 12.00noon, the Apo Transmission Station developed a fault that reduced the load to 20MW.”
At the time of filing this report, the entire FCT was in darkness, but our source was hopeful that the Apo Station would be fixed soon.

Residents Commend Petroleum Marketers For Suspending Strike

Some residents of Hadejia, Jigawa, on Tuesday commended the Petroleum Marketers’ Association for the suspension of its strike and directing its members to start lifting petroleum products from NNPC depots.
A cross section of the residents told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the measure would address the lingering petrol scarcity in the country.
NAN reports that most of the filling stations in the state had run out of stock while the strike lasted.
NAN observed that then, those stations that were selling petrol had allegedly jacked up their price per litre by about 45 per cent above the N87 approved pump price.

Blame your failure to implement UN decision for poor electricity supply – SERAP to FG

Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) has said that “the government of President Goodluck Jonathan should blame its failure to acknowledge let alone implement decisions of the UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights and Special Rapporteur on adequate housing sent to the government in November 2013 for the poor electricity supply in the country.”

APC elders to Buhari: Tackle corruption, insecurity, others

The Elders Forum of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State has tasked the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari , to tackle corruption, insecurity and epileptic power supply.
The Publicity Secretary of the Forum, Dr. Bayo Orire, also urged the incoming President to ensure adherence to the rule of law, discipline and entrenching transparency in governance.
In a chat with The Nation in Ado Ekiti on Tuesday, Orire noted that if Buhari can win the war against indiscipline and corruption, everything will come to normal within one or two years.

Monday, May 25, 2015

FG declares Friday public holiday

The Federal Government has declared Friday 29th May, 2015 as Public Holiday to celebrate the 2015 Democracy Day.

The Minister of Interior, Abba Moro made the declaration on behalf of the Federal Government in a statement signed yesterday by the ministry's Permanent Secretary, Abubakar Magaji.

The statement urged Nigerians at home and Diaspora to support the incoming government and pray for the success of Nigeria's democratic process.

Moro used the opportunity to congratulate President Goodluck Jonathan and Nigerians for the successful conduct of the 2015 general elections.

Also, the Minister congratulated the President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari on his electoral victory, wishing his administration good luck.

Sambo Presents Handover Notes To APC

Nigeria's Vice President, Namadi Sambo, has presented copies of the handover notes to the transition committee of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The Presentation of the documents to the committee led by Ahmed Joda held at the Presidential Villa on Monday, four days to the handover ceremony.

Presenting the documents, Mr Sambo said that members of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) would be available to provide clarification on any query arising from the report.

Mr Sambo added that the report comprises activities of the Federal Government between 2011 and 2015 and that the Permanent Secretaries of each ministry had signed each page of the report to authenticate it.

He also hoped that it would guide the incoming administration towards the achievement of positive objectives, development and progress of Nigeria.

Sambo thanked the members of the two transition committees for their support and contributions.

In his remarks, Mr Joda described the handover notes as 'comprehensive', saying his committee would examine the report before final submission to the incoming Buhari's administration.

He said it was the duty of his committee to ensure continuity in government, for the general progress of the nation.

On Sunday, the spokesman for the APC, Lai Mohammed, had raised concerns that the incoming administration had not received any document from the outgoing government. He was worried that the time for the incoming government to study the document before the handover of May 29 was short.

Mr Mohammed accused President Goodluck Jonathan of allowing the challenges facing the nation to degenerate and planning to handover 'a nation in deep crisis'.

Fuel scarcity: FG, oil marketers resolve conflicts

… -Products lifting to begin within six hours

The Senate on Monday recorded a major breakthrough in its efforts to resolve the lingering fuel scarcity in parts of the country

The upper chamber brokered an agreement between the Federal Government and oil marketers to ensure immediate lifting of available petroleum products by marketers in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Warri and Calabar depots.

The Senate had mandated its joint committee on Petroleum Resources (upstream and downstream) to meet with stakeholders including the federal government to find immediate solution to the lingering fuel scarcity in the country.

The resolutions were read by the Chairman, Senate Committee on Petroleum (Downstream) Senator Magnus Abe.

Part of the resolutions reached at the well attended meeting included the immediate call off of the strike by the National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) and Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association (PNGASSAN).

The resolution said the suspension of the strike was made possible due to the intervention of the Group Managing Director (GMD) of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Dr. Joseph Dawha.

The resolution also mandated the Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, to give an undertaking to the Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria (MOMAN) and Depot Owners Association (DAPPMA) that the work of the committee being headed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and Petroleum Products Pricing and Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) will be concluded.

The committee is charged with the responsibility of verifying the N200 billion MOMAN claimed the government owes its members.

The resolution said if the committee "concludes its verifications of the outstanding claims before the end of the life of this administration, it would be reflected in the handover notes to the new President. "

"If it is not concluded, then, the fact that such a committee was set up and is working, will be reflected in the handover notes and a copy of the letter, conveying the existence of this committee will be sent to MOMAN and DAPPMA and also, a copy will be sent to us in this committee."

It added that "On the basis of that agreement, MOMAN will offer whatever cooperation that is needed to enable lifting of petroleum products to begin nationwide within six hours.

"MOMAN has also agreed to give a similar undertaking to National Association of Road Transport Owners (NARTO) to pay existing transport costs as has been determined by them.

"MOMAN will give a written undertaking to NARTO and a copy will also be sent to this committee.

"NARTO and its affiliates nationwide will commence lifting of petroleum products from available fuel depots within the next six hours

Jonathan In Dilemma Over Acceptance Of Bot Chairmanship

As the Board of Trustees (BoT) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) met last night to appoint a replacement for the former chairman, Chief Tony Anenih, who resigned last week, there was fear that if the out going President Goodluck Jonathan accepts the offer of being the next chairman it might present PDP as a regional party.

Also, there is the fear that Jonathan is trying to grab all the structures of the party in his pocket against all other major stakeholders.

Jonathan And Sambo Given 30-Day Deadline For Assets Declaration

President Goodluck Jonathan and his vice, Namadi Sambo, were directed by the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) to declare their assets.

Moreover, 29 governors, 42 ministers, 109 senators and 360 House or Representatives members were ordered to do the same, The Punch has obtained.

Okonjo-Award: Yale University Responds To Withdraw Call

‘Yale has never revoked an honorary degree,’ University reacts to petition to withdraw Okonjo-Iweala’s doctorate
A spokesperson for Yale revealed exclusively to Pulse that the university has never revoked an honorary degree and does not intend to do so now.

Nigerians who are seeking the revocation of Finance Minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s honorary doctorate from Yale University might see their aims frustrated as the institution has no plans of withdrawing the award.

Osun PDP Blames Fani-koyde For Jonathan's Defeat

The Osun State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party has said the defeat of President Goodluck Jonathan by President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, was partly caused by the former spokesperson of the PDP’s Presidential Campaign Organisation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode.

The Secretary of the PDP in Osun State, Mr. Bola Ajao, said this in an interview with our correspondent in Osogbo on Saturday.

Okonjo-iweala Exposes What States Got From Excess Crude Account

Keeping to her promise to disclose what the states got from the Excess Crude Account, the Minister of Finance Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala-Iweala Sunday said the 36 states of the federation, received a total of N2.92 trillion from the account between 2011 and 2014.

A statement from the Federal Ministry of Finance released Sunday night said the it had become necessary to make the figures public following recent accusations by the Rivers state governor on behalf of state governors.

Oil marketers subsidy claims reeks of fraud -Okonjo-Iweala, vows not to pay unverified subsidy claims

Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has vowed not to pay oil marketers their subsidy claims, accusing them of presenting fraudulent claims with various exchange rates.

Buhari reportedly rejects Rolls Royce from Nigerian Embassy in UK

President elect Buhari who left Nigeria for the UK on Friday May 22nd reportedly rejected the Rolls Royce car the Nigerian Embassy in the UK made available for him as he arrived London.

A member of his entourage who spoke with The Nation said after exchanging pleasantries with the Nigerian High Commissioner to the UK, Dr Dalhatu Tafida, the president-elect politely told them that his visit was strictly private and he had made arrangement for all his needs while in the UK.

Akinde advises Buhari, Osinbajo

The Bishop of Lagos Mainland Diocese, Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, Bishop Adebayo Akinde, has urged President-elect Muhammadu Buhari and his deputy, Prof Yemi Osibanjo, not to betray the confidence Nigerians have in them.
He spoke at the third session of the diocese’s Third Synod in Yaba at the weekend.
He said: “I urge them to make the peoples’ welfare their priority. Endeavour to tackle urgently, issues pertaining to the welfare of the generalities of Nigerians.
“Make a visible effort to rise up squarely to the challenge of insecurity. Attend to the provisions of basic infrastructure, such as regular power supply, potable water, good roads, improved health care and facilities and revamped educational system.”

Kim Jong-Un’s brother goes missing after attending concerts in London

34 year old Kim Jong-chol, older brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, has gone missing after attending a pair of Eric Clapton concerts in London last week.

Jong-chol, the middle son of former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, attended Clapton’s concerts at London’s Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday and Thursday according to reports.

Okonjo-Iweala blames debt on 2010 salary increase

The Co-ordinating Minister of the Economy and Minister of Finance, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, yesterday disclosed that  the 53 per cent  increment of salaries in 2010 catapulted the civil servants salaries from N524 billion to N1.36 trillion.
Speaking during an interactive session with Finance Correspondents Association of Nigeria (FICAN), in Abuja, the minister said that contrary to the report credited to Vice President-elect,  Professor  Yemi Osibajo, that the  new government would inherit a  total debt stock of $60 billion, Okonjo-Iweala said the total debt stock (domestic & external) both by federal and states government is   $63.7 billion, which was  inherited over 40 years ago .

PDP… Too crippled to play credibile opposition?

In another four days, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will be in opposition at the federal level and in many states. The party is broken by internal crisis. Many are wondering if it is ready to play credible opposition, writes SUNDAY OGUNTOLA.
All through last week, the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was enmeshed in one trouble after another. In one day, its National Chairman Alhaji Adamu Mu’azu and Board of Trustees (BoT) Chairman Tony Anenih resigned. The ripple effects of the resignation are expected to be felt this week, as the party prepares for its new role – the opposition.

Scarcity: NNPC raises hope

The lingering fuel scarcity may continue till next month, considering marketers’ insistence on being paid the balance of over N200billion subsidy arrears owed them by the Federal Government.
It was learnt that the situation is getting worse because the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) can only meet 50 per cent of the national demand and the oil marketers that supply the remaining 50 per cent have refused to import since last month.

Buhari can’t fix eight years rot overnight, says Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo yesterday urged Nigerians to be patient with the in-coming Muhammadu Buhari administration.
Obasanjo said the expectations are enormous, but advised Nigerians to accept the fact that what was destroyed in the last eight years cannot be fixed overnight by Buhari.
He expressed the confidence that the Buhari administration would “perform,” adding that Nigerians now have  a “ new opportunity” to make the country work.
Obasanjo, who quit party politics to assume the position of a statesman, spoke yesterday in his Abeokuta residence at the Presidential Hilltop Estate, where he hosted Southwest women leaders.
The women leaders, including the Iyaloja – General of Nigeria, Chief Folashade Tinubu – Ojo, were led by the Iyalode of Yorubaland, Chief (Mrs) Alaba Lawson.

Lagos PDP still under my control –Shelle

Tunji Shelle, Lagos State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has said that he is still in charge of the party, saying the party’s constitution has to be upheld. In this interview with Daily Sun, he explains the controversy that surrounds his leadership and what he is doing to move the party forward.
You were at a meeting of the PDP South-West zonal caucus in Ibadan, Oyo State, when some groups led by the state secretary, Wahab Owokoniran, announced your impeachment as state chairman?  What really went wrong?

Buhari to inherit N8.1b Presidential Villa debts

When President-elect Muhammau Buhari moves into the State House after the May 29 handover, he will be confronted with N8.185,575,211.50 debts.
President Goodluck Jonathan will on May 28 conduct Buhari round the Villa – the seat of power in Abuja where facilities are said to be ageing.
About N3,647,793, 305.76 is needed to fix the infrastructure at the Villa.
These highlights are contained in a report submitted to the Federal Government Transition Committee, which is headed by Vice President Namadi Sambo.
The committee is expected to submit its report today to the Ahmed Joda-led APC Transition Committee.

Dickson Terminates Jonathan’s Men Contracts Over Non-execution

President Goodluck Jonathan and his protxe9;gxe9;, Governor of Bayelsa State, Seriake Dickson

Bayelsa State governor, Hon. Seriake Dickson, yesterday announced the cancellation of contracts awarded to some political opponents in the state, including some aides to President Goodluck Jonathan, over non-execution and blackmail against his administration.
Warning politicians in the state against poor handling of contracts, Dickson,while announcing the cancellation of the jobs awarded to the senior special assistant to the president on Domestic Matters, Waripamowei Dudafagh and the chairman of the Governing Council of the Federal Polytechnic, Ekeowe, Bekeapo Etifa, said his administration will no longer tolerate impunity among political office holders in the state.

Nigeria Plunges Into Darkness As Power Allocation To Abuja Drops To 15MW

Fear of impending darkness all over the nation has finally become reality as power allocation to Abuja yesterday evening dropped to mere 15 megawatts (MW) from an average of 450MW.
Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Power, Dr Godknows Igali
LEADERSHIP gathered from impeccable sources last night that the final straw that broke the camel’s back was the system collapse at the Shiroro power plant at about 4:10pm yesterday.
While other major power plants such as Egbin, Olorunsogo 1 and 11, Omotosho 1 and 11, Sapele and Ihorvbor NIPPs, among others, had been forced to shut down due to non-availability of gas as a result of the ongoing strike by oil workers in the country, the Shiroro plant which was helping to prevent the country from being plunged into total darkness also experienced system collapse.

PDP’s BoT chair not sure for Jonathan

Ahead of Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) Board of Trustees (BoT) meeting scheduled for tonight, leader of the party and outgoing President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, is in a quandary whether to accept the position of BoT Chairman.
Daily Sun checks revealed that former Minister of Works, Tony Anenih, who resigned from the position as BoT Chairman last week, had dropped a hint of the intention of President Jonathan to assume the position in a resignation letter the former addressed to the latter.

What Buhari should do

After the recent elections, some of us had observed  that  none of the parties that sought our votes bothered to make certain promises.
These promises include the reduction of salaries when they get elected.  None promised to reduce the size of governance by reducing the number of ministers and other appointees.  No party promised to cancel Constituency Allowances of all members of the National Assembly (NASS) that amounts to billions of naira wastages yearly.  No party promised to ban generators and their barons from the system – without which the power problem can never be fixed.

Mikel wins second league title with Chelsea

Despite injuries that almost ruined the better part of his season with Chelsea, John Mikel Obi was all smiles last night as he joined the London side to lift Premier League trophy (his second with the club) after a 3-1 win against Sunderland.
Chelsea lifted the Premier League trophy in front of home crowd as the season ended in a winning, and emotional, style. For Mikel, this was just another addition to his growing trophy shelf  having been part of the winning squad in the 2009-10 season.

Jonathan handing over nation in deep crisis –APC

…Says Nigerians should not lose hope
The All Progressives Congress (APC) has observed President Goodluck Jonathan was handing over a nation in deep crisis, even as his administration allegedly continued to contrive more crises without making effort to solve any of them.
In a statement issued in Abuja yesterday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party however, appealed to Nigerians not to lose hope, despite the daunting challenges they were facing in this atmosphere of contrived chaos, because help is on the way.

PDP fingers APC over fuel scarcity

As Nigerians continue to experience acute fuel scarcity  due to the insistence of marketers to shun  importation until their outstanding debts are settled by the Federal Government,  the national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has accused the incoming All Progressives Congress (APC) government of sabotaging the outgoing Jonathan administration.
National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Olisa Metuh, in a statement at the weekend, expressed concern that motorists and commuters were facing the traumatic experience, few days to the exit of the PDP led administration.

Oil Workers Strike Cripples Activities Nationwide

The strike embarked upon by workers in the oil sector under the aegis of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN) and the National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) over federal government’s transfer of the operatorship of Oil Mining Lease (OML) 42 to indigenous firms have resulted in a near collapse of business and commercial activities nationwide.
The development is further compounded by the ongoing industrial action also embarked upon by the National Association of Road Transport Owners (NARTO) and the Petroleum Tanker Drivers (PTD) who have refused to lift petroleum products from the coastal depots in protest of the huge amounts owed them by the major marketers.

I Believe In Buhari’s Leadership – Obasanjo

Former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, has expressed confidence in the leadership of the President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari advising him not to take Nigerians for granted in administering the country from May 29.
Obasanjo expressed the confidence while hosting a delegation of South West Women Leaders under the leadership of the Iyalode of Yorubaland, Chief (Mrs) Alaba Lawson, at his Hilltop Mansion in Abeokuta, yesterday.
The former leader urged Buhari to be as honest as possible with Nigerians in leading the country, describing Nigerians as clever beings that could not be deceived.

Buhari and Mutually Assured Restoration!

In the run up to his inauguration, President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, has been telling the nation of his plans and policy direction and one of those policies is his stated intention to resume the search for oil in Northern Nigeria and specifically in the Lake Chad region of Borno State. Ironically, Borno is one of the states ravaged by the scourge of terrorism which has set that state and the entire Northeast region back in almost every index of human development.
If oil is found in the Lake Chad region, it will go a long way in reviving the economy of the Northeast. However, Buhari’s plan has met with some criticism especially in the South were a number of pundits and analysts see the plan as an expensive wild goose chase that would not yield anything.

EPL Survival Sunday: Finally, Chelsea Lift Trophy, Gutierrez Rescues Magpies, Hull Relegated

Champions Chelsea lifted the Premier League trophy after beating Sunderland 3-1. Steven Fletcher put the visitors ahead in the 26th minute – his first goal in 26 games, before Diego Costa (who came in for Didier Drogba, who had to be chaired off the pitch by most of his team-mates) levelled with a 37th-minute penalty, getting his 20th goal of the season. Loic Remy scored the second on 70 minutes, with the assist going to Eden Hazard, and the French striker added the third in the dying minutes.
Hull City have been relegated from the Premier League, with Newcastle United surviving on a nail-biting final day of the season.

Fight Against Corruption Should Lead To Recovery Of Stolen Funds – Former EFCC Scribe

Pioneer executive secretary, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Barrister Emmanuel Akomaye, in this interview with Ejike Ejike, discusses the complex nature of the anti-corruption fight, and corruption says President-elect Muhammadu Buhari needs to adopt varied measures to combat this cankerworm.
Has the EFCC become weaker now than when it operated under its pioneer chairman, Nuhu Ribadu?
No, that is a misconception of the whole work of anti-corruption. Let me say that approaches not only differ, the strategies also change over time due to the circumstances.

Boko Haram Members Have Killed Over 13000 – NSA


The Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) yesterday disclosed that the outlawed Boko Haram Islamic sect has killed not fewer than 13000 innocent citizens, made 500,000 homeless and destroyed many schools, churches and mosques in the Northern part of Nigeria since 2002.
This revelation was made at the private viewing of “TWISTED NARRATIVES”, a Documentary on Boko Haram organized by the NSA himself, Col Mohammed Sambo Dasuki in a booklet distributed to guests presented.

PDP Faults Buhari For ‘Snubbing’ Handover Programme

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has faulted the alleged snubbing of the handover programmes by the President-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.
The PDP also described Buhari’s absence at the programmes lined up by the federal government to transmit power to him on Friday
as a behaviour that smacks “of lack of democratic discipline.”

Jonathan Makes 5 Appointments In Education Ministry

President Goodluck Jonathan at the weekend continued his last minute wave of appointments with five changes effected at the Federal Ministry of Eduction in one fell swoop.
The president has appointed Prof. Abdulrashid Garba as the new Registrar of the National Examinations Council (NECO).

Jonathan To Nigerians: Pray More For Buhari’s Govt

President Goodluck Jonathan, yesterday, implored Nigerians to pray more for the incoming government of President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, because the president-elect and other members of the incoming government need the prayers of Nigerians to avoid making costly mistakes that could adversely impact on Nigerians.
Speaking at the 2015 Inauguration Inter-denominational Church Service and Presidential Thanksgiving held at the National Christian Centre, Abuja, yesterday, Jonathan also bade Nigerians goodbye ahead of the May 29 ‘hand-over’ ceremony where he will officially bow out of office.
The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), led by its president, Bishop Ayo Oritsejafor, gave the out-going president an award for his “outstanding Christian humility in public service,” particularly for conceding defeat after the presidential poll to ensure peace in the country.

50 Killed, Scores Missing As Gunmen Attack IDPs In Benue

IDPs protest
No less than 50 persons are feared dead and scores others missing after gunmen believed to be Fulani militia yesterday attacked some villages hosting internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Logo local government area of Benue State.
Also, LEADERSHIP learnt that houses, churches and markets were razed, personal belongings and farm produce burnt.