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Nigeria rejects Bill Cosby?

The world is against Cosby and HB Consolidated Limited might be as well.HB Consolidated recently acquired the franchise to air a localised version globally acclaimed family television show, Kids Say the Darndest Things which was presented by Bill Cosby.

What is interesting is the television show, which had enjoyed popularity and rave reviews in Australia, Singapore, India and Italy, was rechristened as Your Kids are the Stars for the Nigerian market.

The immediate question people have raised is, is a name change convenient now that Bill is facing sexual assault charges? Is the renaming a smart departure from the now dented image of the ace comedian?

It should be noted that there are quite a number of spin offs of this show: in the UK, its aired as  Kids Say the Funniest Things; in Australia, Kidspeak; and Singapore has two similar shows:Kids Talk Back  and Gurmits Small Talk

Still the question still hangs in the air. Why was it changed for Nigeria as well?

Although Cosby is yet to be proven guilty, and cannot legally be labeled a sex offender, many have started cutting ties with him. The U.S. Navy announced it would revoke Cosby's title as an honorary chief petty officer, which he was awarded in 2011. Cosby took it upon himself to step down as a member of the board of trustees at his undergraduate school, Temple University, on Dec. 1. And back on Nov. 26, after Massachusetts Attorney Gen. Martha Coakley's strong urging, the University of Massachusetts Amherst cut all ties with Cosby, who is an alumnus, as did the Berklee College of Music.

20 women are still claiming he sexually assaulted them but there is yet no confession from Cosby.

Attempts to contact HB Consolidated were unsuccessful