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Declare war on insurgents, ex-Service men tell President

Retired military officers and men are worried over the Federal Government’s soft arm tactic of dealing with Boko Haram.
 They are pushing for a full-scale war against the sect to end the insurgency in the Northeast, it was learnt yesterday.
They prefer outright military campaign instead of “constructive engagement” with the militants.
Also yesterday, Acting Inspector-General of Police Suleiman Abba said 27 policemen are still missing  one week after the Nigeria Mobile Police Academy in Gwoza was attacked by the insurgents.
Investigation by our correspondent showed that the Presidency has been advised to look beyond political consideration and collateral damage by ordering the military to declare a war against the sect.
A source, who spoke in confidence, said the military had been awaiting political backing to move against the insurgents.

The source said: “There is pressure on the Presidency to rise to the threats posed by Boko Haram insurgency by giving the military the necessary backing to draw the battle line against the insurgents.
“Even serving and retired military officers are in favour of drawing the battle line against the insurgents with enhanced funding and sophisticated equipment.
“If the Presidency is in support of a make or break campaign against the insurgents, then we should expect a full-scale war in Borno State.
“We have reached a stage that political expediency can no longer solve Boko Haram insurgency. The nation’s military is losing its hard-earned image to this insurgency.
“Even some of the 480 soldiers who came back from Cameroon told their Commander that they were determined to return to Gamboru-Ngala axis to confront the insurgents.
“What serving and retired officers are saying is that if the nation’s military can win a civil war in the 70s, it has the capacity to overrun the insurgents with political will and better equipment.”
 Acting Inspector-General of Police Abba who spoke on an African Independent Television (AIT)  programme last night said: “It was not the first time the Academy would be attacked but our policemen had always successfully repelled them. This time around, they came with armoured vehicles with sophisticated equipment mounted on them. They also came in large number.
“As at today, 27 policemen have not returned but we have located them. We are doing everything to bring them back safely.”
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