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Prince Uzoegwu Sues Blogger N100M For Calling Him Gay

Prince Uzoegwu has filed a N100 million lawsuit against a blogger, kool yarns for allegedly calling him gay. Uzoegwu who has had a long standing feud with the blogger resorted to settling the case in court.
This is what kool yarns wrote on his blog....

N100 million ko!...i laff in carribean...Fashion designer and stylist of Late singer, Goldie Harvey has filed a N100 million naira lawsuit against me for allegedly using homophobic slurs against him(according to how it was stated in the letter).

They said i also insulted his taste of fashion and that i should delete the posts and issue an apology otherwise they will demand N100,000,000 from me...isn't that funny ,people? see, i did not call him gay...i called him a gay...they are 2 different words which are disputable in the court of law and i never insulted his taste of fashion. i will post the links of the stories below.

Oga, even if you win the case which i believe you won't..i can't give u N100 million, highest....we can negotiate or i go into hiding...simple!.

you want to chop where you did not sow... do you know how many blogs that have called you gay and even worse? na only me you see abi?..you wan use me do christmas...mtscheew!