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Elton John And Husband Show-Off Baby Elijah

Tenderly cradling his new baby in his arms, Sir Elton John proudly shows off his family of four.
Beside him sits husband David Furnish, and their two-year-old toddler Zachary.
The couple’s second son Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John (to give him his full title) was born on Friday 11 January weighing 8lb 4oz

Happy family: Sir Elton John and David Furnish proudly show off their second baby son, Elijah Joseph, who was welcomed into the world on January 11
Like his elder brother, little Elijah was born to the same California-based surrogate mother – whom the couple said they love ‘like a sister’.
They revealed that the boys are at least half-brothers as they share the same egg donor.
But it is not clear if that is the same woman who carried them for nine months, or someone else.
Another unknown is which man is the baby’s biological father – if, indeed, either of them.
Neither Sir Elton, 65, or his civil partner Mr Furnish, 50, have revealed whether Zachary or Elijah carry their genes.
However on Zachary’s official birth certificate, Sir Elton is named as ‘father’ and Mr Furnish as ‘mother’ leading to speculation that the rock star is his biological father.
They have also kept the identity of the boys’ surrogate mother a closely guarded secret.

Speaking to Hello magazine, Sir Elton said: ‘She is a wonderful, kind and loving woman, who we love like a sister.
‘We have a very close bond with her and were in constant touch throughout the pregnancy, getting updates, seeing scans and sharing all the little details that make those nine months so exciting.
‘She has given us two amazing gifts and we in turn have a duty of care to her and are fiercely protective of her anonymity.’
Unlike elsewhere in the world, it is not illegal in California for a multi-millionaire such as Sir Elton to pay a significant sum of money to a surrogate or gestational carrier.
If she were paid, a surrogate mother could in theory have become very rich after successfully delivering first Zachary and then Elijah.
It is likely she would have signed a strict confidentiality agreement never to speak about the deal.
The couple said the arrival of their second son, who was born in Las Vegas, ‘completes our family in a most precious and perfect way’.