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VIDEO:Nicki Minaj dresses up like the Queen in video for new single Freedom

Nicki Minaj dressed as royalty in video for new single Freedom
Regal pose ... Nicki

BRIT-obessed star Nicki Minaj dresses up as a glamorous royal in the video for her latest single Freedom which was filmed while she was on tour in the UK last month.

Nicki is seen wearing a crown and flowing gown in the promo, which starts off in black and white but gradually transforms into full colour.
She is also seen dressed in a form-fitting black dress and thorn headress as she takes a biblical tone and talks about Jesus on the cross.
Nicki Minaj in the video for Freedom
Biblical theme ... rapper wears headress
The 29-year-old female rapper adds her unmistakable lyrical flow to a mellow backing track for the song, which strikes a similar tone to her collaboration with Drake Moment For Life.
Nicki Minaj in the video for Freedom
Stunning ... Nicki looks beautiful in embellished gown
The track focuses on thanking people who have helped her since she found fame and criticising those who haven't while discussing how she now feels liberated.

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