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Halle Berry's ex picks fight with fiance, both hospitalized Thanksgiving Day

Relationship drama rears its ugly head on Thanksgiving Day at Halle Berry’s Los Angeles residence.
A fight broke out between Halle Berry’s ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry and fiancé, Olivier Martinez on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, that landed them both in the hospital for injuries.
Trouble seems to follow the 46-year-old actress, Berry, and since her breakup with ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, life has gotten really complicated – enter Nahla, Berry and Aubry’s 4-year-old daughter.
According to omg from Yahoo! Halle Berry’s fiancé, Olivier Martinez, was assaulted by her ex after he returned Nahla to Berry, and the fiancé defended himself. The two tussled, threw blows at each other and landed on the floor; Martinez mad a citizen’s arrest on Aubry.
Aubry threw the first blow according to TMZ because of a comment Martinez made to Aubry. Even though Martinez did not throw the first blow, he seems to have started the fight by suggesting that he (Aubry) move on about moving to France with Nahla the daughter.

To make matters more interesting, a judge has made an emergency ruling that Nahla’s father, Gabriel Aubry cannot come within 100 yards of Halle, Nahla or Martinez until December.
Both men were diagnosed with injuries and released from the hospital the same day.
Let’s hope Nahla get’s the support she needs in this rocky relationship drama.