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22 year old domestic worker found dead in his boss' swimming pool

22 year old Onyeka Kingley Raphael (pictured above) was found dead in the bottom of a swimming pool in the home he worked as a domestic help. His body was removed early Saturday morning from a house on Babatunde Asimi Street, Ogudu GRA. 
His family, suspecting foul play, has petitioned the police, asking for a thorough investigation because when Kingsley's body was removed by policemen from Ogudu police station, eye witnesses said there were no visible injuries on his body except a twisted neck, suggesting that the domestic worker may have been strangled before being dumped in the pool.

What the family also found odd was that the dinner Kingsley made for himself the night before was still on the kitchen table, with his cap near it, and also the fact that the security man who was home at the time of the incident said he didn't see or hear anything. The family also claimed that Kingsley and his boss, a retired accountant named Tunde Williams had a misunderstand a month earlier which almost got Kingsley fired. Kingsley had wanted to leave his job but his elder had begged him to stay because he needed the money for school.
The police promised Kingley's family that an autopsy will be carried out to determine the exact cause of death and told reporters that a thorough investigation will be carried out. The police also mentioned that Mr Williams was so far 'not cooperating with the police'