Mid Poll Results On President Buhari's Health By PublicHealth.com.ng by PublicHealthNig:

It will be recalled that we launched an online poll on July the 30th on our platform (www.publichealth.com.ng), to gauge the feelings and opinions of Nigerians on the absence of President Mohammadu Buhari as a result of an extended medical vacation to take care of his failing health which deteriorated since he assumed office .
The poll specifically asked if General Buhari should reveal the ailment which has so far kept him out of office for more than 100 days
see link http://www.publichealth.com.ng/president-buharis-health-online-poll-opens/

The Mid poll results shows that

95 % of respondents think he should disclose the ailment

3% Think it is a personal issue and should be left private while

2% said they were not interested in his health issues

The poll is expected to close on September 1ST

you can vote via this link http://www.publichealth.com.ng/president-buharis-health-online-poll-opens/