Whatsapp Amazing New Features For Recalling Your Messages

WhatsApp Messenger is still ringing bells these Christmas season. Recently, it can be remembered that the application launched the video calling capability for all users in November. This helped to make a buzz around the globe, as it has been made use of by 55.6% of the world population.

This upgrade was offered over several phones, including those operating in iOS, Windows, and also Android. On the other hand, it will need users to update the application to get this new feature.

Bad news for a number of devices that will not get support from WhatsApp. These will involve phones operating Android 2.1 and 2.2, Windows Phone 7, as well as iPhone 3GS and those operating iOS 6. Also, those iPhones that haven't been up-dated to the iOS 10 version will not be supported.

Though, a bit of an extension is offered to users of Blackberry devices for example Blackberry OS as well as Blackberry 10. Although, WhatsApp currently supports those making use of Nokia S40 and Nokia S60 Symbian, but only before June 30 of 2017.

Latest Report

A new feature is coming to WhatsApp just before 2016 will end. WhatsApp will make it possible for people to take back sent messages, as they can modify it and post it once again to the receiver. It might have taken the idea from the best feature launched on Gmail, which is taking back sent emails.

This may be the new update coming from WhatsApp that could give people control over their text messages.