WAI: 170,000 Youths Volunteer To Fight Indiscipline In Nigeria

Following decision by the Federal government to re-introduce War Against Indiscipline, WAI, more than 170,000 people across the country have volunteered to join the brigade for the enforcement.

This was disclosed by the government in a statement on Sunday, explaining that, although, the War Against Indiscipline, WAI, Brigade was formed in 1984, the initiative has been passed on by successive government.

The statement said WAI “At birth it was domiciled with the Fed Ministry of Information and Culture, In 1989 the WAI Brigade was transferred to the Mass Mobilization for Self Reliance, Social Justice & Economic Recovery (MAMSER).

It said in 1993, WAI Brigade was transferred to the newly-created National Orientation Agency (NOA). The Act establishing NOA empowers it and “establish for the purpose of carrying out its functions under this Act, is a ‘National Orientation Brigade.'”

“In 1994, WAI was reborn as the War Against Indiscipline & Corruption (WAIC). In 1999 it took new form as the National Rebirth Campaign.

“In May 2013, the Jonathan administration relaunched the WAI Brigade as the Community Support Brigade.

The federal government said the WAI Brigade, also known as Community Support Brigade(CSB), is now being re positioned by the NOA to bring about ethical and value reorientation, and to be the volunteer corps of first choice in Nigeria.

“The WAI Brigade currently has more than 170,000 unpaid volunteer members across Nigeria,” the statement said.

SOurce: http://www.breezereporters.com/wai-170000-youths-volunteer-to-fight-indiscipline-in-nigeria/