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I Lied That My BF Raped Me Because He Shared My Nude Photos With Community Friends- 19-Year Old Lagos Girl

There is a new twist to the alleged rape case of a 19-year-old teenager, Gbemisola, as she now claims to have framed 24-year-old Kunle in order to punish him.
Punch Metro gathered on Friday that Gbemisola and Kunle were in an intimate relationship and had sexual intercourse by mutual consent.
It was further learnt that Gbemisola had sent some of her nude pictures to Kunle on Whatsapp before things went awry between them.

Punch had reported on Friday that Gbemisola, a caterer, had alleged that Kunle asked her out, which she turned down because she had a boyfriend already. She had alleged that the suspect lured her into his parents’ house in Agiliti Estate, Ketu, and raped her.
She claimed that the suspect did a picsmix of her nude pictures, included her phone number, and shared them with his friends on the Internet.
The suspect, while reacting, had told Punch that Gbemisola was his girlfriend, adding that the 19-year-old sent him the nude pictures, which he only showed to his friends.
On Friday, Punch Metro learnt that the suspect was arrested by the police and the case was immediately transferred to the State Department of Criminal Investigation, Yaba.
After both of them were grilled by police detectives, it was discovered that Gbemisola lied in her statement to the police at the Ketu Police Division.
Kunle, who was in tears at the SDCI, told Punch that the only evidence he had of their relationship was destroyed by Gbemisola on the morning of his arrest.
He said, “I am in a big trouble. The only evidence I have that she sent those pictures to me was my chat history. But immediately the police came to arrest me, she picked my phone and threw it into a well.
“She is the only one that can save me by just telling the truth. We were in a relationship and I didn’t rape her.”
Punch correspondent, who later spoke with Gbemisola, asked why she lied against Kunle.
Gbemisola said she wanted to punish him for betraying her trust and sharing her nude pictures with his friends and family members on the Internet, adding that some of his friends had been calling to demand “their own share of sex.”
She said she threw his phone into the well because Kunle claimed he had evidence of their relationship.
She said, “He is my boyfriend and we had dated for just one week when he asked for my nude pictures. When two people are dating and they are in love, anything can happen between them.
“Initially, I declined and he started begging me. I asked him to swear on oath that he would later delete the pictures from his phone and he did. I sent the pictures because of the trust I had in him.”
Gbemisola said she visited him few days afterwards, and he had sex with her.
“He didn’t rape me, but I gave in because he begged, saying it had been long since he did it.”
She said the following day, Kunle asked for a recharge card, which she sent to him, adding that he made more demands and when she declined, the suspect threatened to make her a “celebrity” in the community.
“I discovered he never loved me and merely wanted to use and dump me.
“When he asked me to come to his house again, I refused and asked him to do his worst. He then asked me to log in to Whatsapp. Immediately I did, I saw that he had made my nude photos his Display Picture (DP). He also sent them to me, as well,” she added.
She said her first boyfriend, who got hold of her phone saw the pictures, and was angry.
Gbemisola said she also received text messages and telephone calls from those who saw the pictures.
“They were saying, ‘come and let’s sleep with you too.’ I was humiliated. A few days later, I was on the road when Kunle saw me and started mocking me. I almost committed suicide,” she added.
She said she damaged Kunle’s laptop after he continued with his threat that he had another explicit video of her.
“I lied against him to punish him for what he did. I threw away his phone into the well because he claimed to have evidence. I wanted to destroy him completely.
“But seeing how far this case has gone, I want to forgive him. We are from the same Ondo State and our parents are friends,” she added.
The Police Public Relations Officer, Joe Offor, told Punch that investigation was on.

He said, “Both parties agreed that the intercourse of that date was consensual and could not have amounted to rape. Other aspects of the allegation are under investigation.”
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