Fashola Allays Fears Of Electoral Violence In Lagos

Lagos State Governor Mr. Babatunde Fashola on Monday allayed fears of political conflagration in the state, in the aftermath of polls results announcement, saying the state was safe for residents.
The governor who swiftly reacted to rumour making the rounds in the state that he had given a stay at home order due to the security reports available to him urged the residents to ignore the rumour.
He said, i didn’t issue the statement. I must commend residents of Lagos for comporting themselves peacefully to perform their civic responsibility. And in almost eight years, I have never issued a directive as far as government work is concern by social media.

“Things like work free day, security issues have never been issued by me through social media. Rather we have always resorted to making broadcast in person or I ask the Head of Service to issue circular, or I ask the Commissioner for information and strategy to make announcement of the state broadcast stations.
“That will not change. At this time, there is understandably some anxiety in the country. So people must know that nothing will change. They must ignore stories emanating from our government through social Media. They will be issued in the traditional ways-Radio, Television or through Press Statement. It is very possible for the social media to pick it from these medium.
“It is unfortunate that some people at this time tried to create tension for whatever reasons known to them. But this is the time that residents of Lagos should be happy that we have crossed the first hurdle of the election and we are going through the next process which is counting and collating of the results.